Brass Knuckles: Weapons for Personal Defense

Brass Knuckles: Weapons For Personal Defense

Brass Knuckles: Weapons for Personal Defense

When it comes to brass knuckles everyone seems to get super excited since these weapons have been much popular with the ancient gladiators and Spartans.  Gladiators used the ancient firm of brass knuckles in the arenas where they tend to practice their moves on unarmed slaves. Later on, brass knuckle knives, also known as the trench knives became much popular among the soldiers of WWI and WWII. The trench knives proved effective weapons in close combats since hand-to-hand fights were mostly fought within the trenches. 

Referring to the modern use of brass knuckles, it is important note that due to  the brutality of the knuckle dusters, they are banned in many states. The reason is that these can cause severe damage, such as broken bones and fractured skulls. However, these very factors make it also the perfect and most effective self defense weapon. If you reside in a state where you can carry real brass knuckles as a weapon of personal defense, then I recommend getting your set of these amazing knuckles right now. If you can't find them at your local shop, you don't have to worry as there are plenty of amazing brass knuckles available in online stores. 

Now, let's assume you have purchased the amazing set of Knives Deal brass knuckles  don't just proceed to carry them in your pockets as a ready to use weapon. It is important to know the proper punch with regard to implementing the brass knuckle effect. Remember that while carrying brass knuckles, you are not supposed to throw straight boxing punches since this will hurt your own hand and fingers. Do practice at home on sandbags and concrete the perfect punch. An important aspect to remember is that the wrist is supposed to be kept straight; whereas, the striking arm should be kept at a curved angle. This position will ensure that the knuckles will add a wallop to your punch while it keeps your striking arm and hand safe from harm and injury.

In case real brass knuckles are legally not allowed in your state, you can opt for brass knuckles paperweight which look as awesome as the real knuckle dusters. The only difference is that you won't use them in close combats; instead, you will keep them inside your house or office desk. It has been analyzed that brass knuckles paperweight serve as icebreakers as these are a great piece of conversation.  


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